The Junkie

He was thinking of calling his friend “the Dealer” to see if the “brand” was available today or not, but he should be careful, it is no longer as easy as in the past, today the security is tight as it was not before, and the punishment for catching you while you take this type of trade It carries a sentence of life imprisonment.


His grandson, who was calling him, woke him up from his deep thought… Grandpa, grandpa… What is it? He answered in distress, the grandson said: Can you hand me my bag of marijuana, it is next to you… I have to go to school!! The grandfather looked at him in distress before handing him the bag and the grandson went in haste.

The man of his sixties tried to resist his desire and even banish it and forget it, but he could not, whenever the desire swept over him, he remembered the joy he felt in the days of his youth, How did the world turn this nonsense?

He was fed up and could not stand it any longer, so he took the electronic communication device and called his friend to return to his world again.

In that dark, moldy place he sat there shivering.

He looked into the room, and he only found a person sitting in the corner at the back in the darkness, with his hat on in a way that conceals his face.

His friend said with a tight voice:

Unfortunately, your order this time will cost you more, this item is now rare, and smuggling it is very dangerous, so you have to transfer 2000 bitcoins instead of 1500, the old man replied with worry: But that’s a huge number, the dealer shrugged his shoulders, meaning he had nothing to do, then he shook his head Agreeing: Ok, I’ll turn it over now… Come on, bring it to me.

Within seconds he had what he asked for, the KFC meal with coleslaw and the famous mayonnaise. He drooled, the urge almost killed him, he took the first piece and put it between his teeth, he took a bite while tasting its crunchy taste.

He couldn’t comprehend what happened next, Police… Police… Throw what’s in your hands and surrender, the police were surrounding the place, and in moments he found his flabby body lying on the ground with his hands tied, but on his face, there was a smile drawn on his mouth.