The Baby Girl

It started happening on the same day his wife gave birth to the baby after he returned from the hospital to check on his wife’s health, he leaned on the sofa with his huge body and signed to Facebook as usual, and notices a friend request from an account with his name, is this a joke or a hacker! a new account that created only today, and without even a picture, there is surely someone messing with him, he ran his hand over his thick beard thinking, and then quickly ignored it.

But the matter began to take a serious and dangerous turn a week after this incident, today was supposed to be his daughter’s one-week-old, but he did not make any special celebration – after spending a lot of money on his son’s first week.

One of his friends sitting with him in the guest room told him without introduction And in a sarcastic tone: “nice photo man, when did you take this photo you just posted on Facebook, where were you traveling and which sea is that? and you are wearing a t-shirt with heart prints,”


Picture? what picture?

The friend showed him the picture. It is impossible, The picture is his, but it was uploaded from that fake account, which now not only his name but his name and picture as well as his friends, Impossible, this is not me, when did this happen?!

Since his youth, his life has been religious and he wears Islamic clothes, and has an Islamic beard, and doing his duties to god, he always spends his time in the mosque other than his home, this is not me he says, this is not my picture, this is someone who pretends to be me, wears shorts to the beach in the western region.

This is a fake account, it’s photoshop, erase it…

Nevertheless, he forcibly adds this account and keeps following everything he posted, and every day the situation became more insane, a picture of him lying in the pool with girls in bikini, a picture of him at the bar holding a bottle of vodka, a video of him dancing in a night club. to sum it up, there is another version of him who lives his life and enjoys every moment of revel he makes, and he does not even hide it.


With time, his life turned into hell, all his religious friends turned away from him and avoided him, everyone started talking behind his back, and blaming him, how can you do these things?, he says “Not me..believe me, not me..” He tried to close the account.. to report It, it was useless…

Is it possible for him to have a twin?.. Impossible… An exact copy of him is still enjoying his life and making fun of him while he is here in the hell of shame, tormented.


But the torment turned into madness, another development carried out by the newly created account, he has become expressing his personal opinions on Facebook status, his opinions about individual freedoms, about women’s rights, about relationships, and more pictures… Pictures of him at a concert, pictures of him in demonstrations in support of freedoms… Pictures of him holding the rainbow flag… Pictures of him kissing a girl.

he lost his mind! how did this all start? how did this madness start? oh, I think I remember he said, the day she came to our lives, her birthday, He went to his room with madness.. and found her sleeping in bed alone, an infant still unable to move, and with both of his huge hands.. and with anger and violence.. he strangled her by squeezing her little neck… She couldn’t even scream.

He crushed her neck with his hands..and it was only moments..until her eyes bulged out..and cut her breath off..and she handed over the little soul of hers.

He caught his breath, quickly grabbed his hand on the cell phone, and quickly opened Facebook, to find that the account that had his name and photos disappeared, and all the videos and photos disappeared with him.