a Libyan Writer, 2 Novels , Cultural Manager, Standup Comedian, and Podcaster.

The Project of 100 Dark story

A book containing one hundred collected short stories, selected from the stories of the writer Ahmed ELBukhari over the years of his writing. The writer’s short stories are distinguished by their dark style, their unexpected endings, and their discussion of philosophical issues about life, humankind, and abstract meanings.

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December 2022, in the City of #Berlin, Ahmed Elbukhari´s career as a stand-up comedian Started with first professional stand-up comedy show. , with a full house Night.

More Shows coming soon..

17th February in the Diaspora

Ahmed ElBukhari in one of the boldest Television Interviews with a group of young writers and thinkers, and an honest talk about religion, revolution, and freedom.

da miri

Da Miri Podcast Interview

" Humans have always thought of themselves as creatures, until they realized they are creators as well. They can create stories, novels, project… This is what I think describes me the most.."

A novel with a fast pace, Al Khader is a large theater that revolves and is divided into more than one stage. . . Al-Khader carries a global humanitarian concern more than it carries only a Libyan concern, and the bitter dialogue is in Arabic with simple words.
Nahla Alarbi
A novel, to say the least, is wonderful, the amount of information and enlightenment in it arouses admiration, the characters are very close to reality, the way of narrating events is interesting, and the narration is from reality in the opinion of the writer’s goal. Very grateful for this wonderful story that I completed in 3 days.
Ola Hamsho
Interior Designers

You can listen to Al-Khader's novel as AudioBook

The novel Al-Khader by Ahmad Al-Bukhari is now available to listen on the Audiobook website, the largest audiobook platform in the world.

In Press and Media

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